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This is a list of jobs to be done to the wiki, whether they be minor or major changes. Feel free to add items to this list, and if you complete a job, move the list item to the "Done" list.

To Do:

Wanted pages: Links to inexistant pages ; either write the pages or correct or remove the links.

• Tidy up FAQ and correct the spelling and grammar.

• Japaneese translation.

• A short and clear definition of wtf Psycle is.

• Test wether we can fully recover the wiki using


• Alphabetise the list of Problematic VSTs.


• Hell task: Correct the spelling and grammar of other people, again and again, forever.

• For personal experiences and opinions, don't forget your signature. If you don't, we have no choice but to rewrite your passionate text written in the first person into some desperately dull and formal encyclopedic style.