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MfM (Man From Mars)

REALNAME:Francesco Campione


BIRTHDAY:29 may 1977



HARDWARE:p4 2Ghz,256ram,sound blaster audigy 2

HOBBIES:martial arts,football


I was born on 1977 in Catania (italy), the town where I'm still living and composing music! My history starts very long time ago when I was 16 years old, charmed by computers and electronic music, I decided to try to compose with the mythical AMIGA 500 that until that moment I was using only to play videogames. Drived by the wish to be learned and from the curiosity to find out that charming world I started working soon with the musical software that I had at home. The first software I used was the mythical NOISETRACKER , afterwards and for many years PROTRACKER in all its versions….but as time went on I thought that the 4 tracks weren't enough for me anymore and I decided to switch to a new software…or better to a new computer… AMIGA 1200. So finally I could use much more memory for samples and I found out what for me was the best musical software on the AMIGA…DIGIBOOSTER!! But…obviously after a couple of years the demands grew parallely to the raising by the musical capacities of every compositor, so I was needing again a change, however this time I wanted something really professional…a PC! One of the first software which I saw as soon as I put myself into research, was PSYCLE…I've never looked for anything else because I fell in love with it quickly!!!! Now i'm a member of a project called "track3z"