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User from the Netherlands, working as a multimedia developer for a medium sized company in Groningen. Has been using macs for a few years, and owns multiple macs sincs early 2006. Ran windows and linux before, and has been running linux servers up until this very moment. Been coding for a few years, started with basic a long time ago, and got more serious when using pascal and delphi. I really got my game on around 2000 when I discovered php, after some years of (D)HTML-ing. Nowadays coding in Actionscript 3, Objective-C, C++, Ruby and PHP.

Not actively releasing songs at the moment, but old productions are available around the net.


17" iMac early 2006 (Intel core duo 1.83ghz)

15.4" Macbook Pro late 2006 (Intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz)

mac mini mid 2006 (Functions as a server, and distributed compilation host for distcc and xcode)

Web addresses[]

Jabber on: martijn on oceanius dot com

Email on: djmirage on users dot sourceforge dot net