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In this section there are some sentences said by the people at the #psycle channel that caught our attention for some reason or another.

  • really?

<alk> if something can't be found does it mean it does not exist though?
<sampler> what i say is that sometimes or for some things, it's not worth spending time trying to find the truth

  • If you ever have a hard coding job to do, tell it to Gravity0! He seems to suggest that he can do everything with this sentence:

<Gravity0> i have both VST and DX SDK... maybe after the Wave Editor I will work on a VST and DX host.

  • Angelus is very kind, check this sentence if you don't believe me!

<Angelus> don't worry, the force is with you young coder... just let it flow within you.

  • bor0 may be working for MS... That's the only explanation to him saying this! (was a typo 5 -> 6)

<boro> I have VS2006 on a DVD (bought it for 2 euros or something)

  • JosepMa is very kind, he's improved this page to be readable ;)

<JosepMa> Ok.. TRIED
<JosepMa> to improve that page
<gravity> which?