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NOTE: these are basic instructions for setting up the svn development code for qpsycle. You'll probably encounter a lot of problems in the process :) Please add any problems you encounter and any solutions to this page to help other people.

Merge Issue[]

If the following error or a similar one containing '<<<<<<' appears after you update and try to make:

foo: syntax error near unexpected token `<<<'

This is a merge issue (the '<<<<<<' is added by svn).

You'll either need to resolve the conflict (see svn manual...) or more easily, you can revert the troublesome file:

svn revert troublesomefile.cpp

As a last resort you can delete the directory and check it out again.

General things[]

Missing files[]

As the program evolves it's possible we forgot to update the instructions here in the wiki. If you are told you're missing some files or folders, try looking in the trunk folder of psycle's svn repo ( e.g. ) and if something looks suitable check it out with svn.

Alternatively try looking in your distro's package repositories.