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NOTE: these are basic instructions for setting up the svn development code for qpsycle. You'll probably encounter a lot of problems in the process :) Please add any problems you encounter and any solutions to this page to help other people.

switch to your top-level psycle-trunk directory and type:

svn info

and make a note of the number next to Revision:. This is the number of the current revision you have, which you might need to revert back to if the latest code has bugs.

now do

svn up

this will download the latest updates to the source code from the svn repository.

switch to your psycle-trunk/qpsycle directory

cd psycle-trunk/qpsycle

and type


hopefully there are no bugs in the latest code and you won't get any errors when building. sometimes you might need to go all the way back to the beginning by typing


and then again


if it is all ok you can start qpsycle as normal, you now have the latest updates.

if it doesn't work, you can either post a message to the psycle-devel mailing list and wait until someone fixes it :)

or, in the meantime, you can revert your code back to the last working version.


svn up -rXXXX

where XXXX is the number you noted down earlier on. this command will download the last working version of the code that you had. once you've got it, do make to rebuild it again.