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NOTE: these are basic instructions for setting up the svn development code for qpsycle. You'll probably encounter a lot of problems in the process :) Please add any problems you encounter and any solutions to this page to help other people.


Installing Subversion[]

To get the sourcecode you'll need the subversion software installed.

Open the Console and type the following command lines:

First, become root with:

su (sudo for Ubuntu-derivated distros)

The Console will ask you for your password.

In Fedora Core or Suse:

yum install subversion

In OpenSUSE 10.3:

zypper install subversion

In Ubuntu or Debian:

aptitude (or apt-get) install subversion

At this point you can even install a GUI Subversion client such as kdeSVN (KDE Desktop) , qSVN (Qt Toolkit) or NaughtySVN (Nautilus Filemanager Integration)

Then type


to get back to your normal user.

Getting the sourcecode[]

Checkout the following sourcecode from the subversion trunk:

svn checkout psycle-trunk

This will download all the needed files for you, into a new psycle-trunk dir.


Getting subversion[]

You can get subversion command-line program here but it's recommend to use a graphical client such as Tortoise SVN, which is perfectly integrated with Windows Explorer.

Getting the sourcecode[]

Checkout the following sourcecode from the subversion trunk:

Do not download to a path which contains spaces as this breaks the qmake makefile generation.

You should end up with at least this directory tree:

  • psycle-trunk
    • qpsycle
    • psycle-audiodrivers
    • psycle-core
    • external-packages

Go to the external-packages/boost-1.33.1 (1.35 is not fully implemented yey) dir and unpack all the tarballs inplace.

Mac OS X[]

Getting subversion[]

There are 2 ways to get subversion on your mac. The first one is to get the tarball or dmg from the subversion website. The second one is to use a package manager (Fink or Macports), you might notice that having either Fink or Macports comes in handy further along the way, so I'll recommend getting subversion from there as well. If you like to have a gui for SVN you could look for SVNX, or the upcoming Versionsapp.

Getting the sourcecode[]

This step is the same as when using linux, so go ahead and follow those step to get the source.


Now we have the code, next step is to build it.

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