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NOTE: these are basic instructions for setting up the svn development code for qpsycle. You'll probably encounter a lot of problems in the process :) Please add any problems you encounter and any solutions to this page to help other people.

If you prefer, you can just send us a patch with your changes (e.g. to the mailing list, or attach to the bug tracker.) We are happy to accept patches big or small, you don't have to have implemented a piano roll to send us a patch! It's easy to make a patch -- see below.

Or if you think you might like to contribute on a regular basis, we can give you commit access to the svn repo (you'll need to get a Sourceforge account, and then tell us the username and we'll set you up.)

  • How to create a patch with your local modifications?

Change dir to the root of your qpsycle code.

   $ svn diff > good-description.patch
  • How to apply a patch (that maybe somebody posted to the list)?

Change dir to the root of your qpsycle code.

   $ patch -p0 < the.patch