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NOTE: these are basic instructions for setting up the svn development code for qpsycle. You'll probably encounter a lot of problems in the process :) Please add any problems you encounter and any solutions to this page to help other people.

In fedora core 6 you first need to install:

yum install scons
yum install boost-devel

For Debian-based distros (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu ...):

aptitude install scons
aptitude install libboost-dev
aptitude install libboost-test-dev
aptitude install libboost-thread-dev 
aptitude install libboost-filesystem-dev
aptitude install libboost-signals-dev

Download the following sourcecode from the subversion trunk:

svn checkout psycle-trunk

switch to the psycle-trunk/psycle-plugins subdir.

then type:


or to build with debugging support:

scons packageneric__debug=1

then wait a while while it builds all the plugins.

Make a directory to store all your plugins--for example:

mkdir ~/qpsycle/plugins

Then copy the newly built plugins to your plugin dir, e.g.:

cp ++packageneric/variants/default/stage-install/usr/local/lib/*.so ~/qpsycle/plugins

Now edit the text file .xpsycle.xml config file to point to your new plugins dir (note final slash!):

n.b. the line already exists in the xml! (edit it)

editor ~/.xpsycle.xml
<path id='plugindir' src='/home/YOURUSER/qpsycle/plugins/'/>

restart qpsycle and you should be able to see your new plugins.


Please test qpsycle and add any bugs/missing features you notice to the issues tracker ( ) .

Oh and here is how to update your build when the developers make changes: Getting and building updates from the subversion repository