What the heck is this thing called? What's with all the different names/branches? Edit

It started off as xpsycle, but as we tried different toolkits out we started a few branches with different names (e.g. qpsycle.) There's only going to be one branch, and just think of the whole thing as being codenamed xpsycle.

Will it be cross-platform? Edit

At the moment it is running on Linux and Windows (XP)

What's the difference between qpsycle and normal Psycle? Edit

  • psycle 1.8 uses source code A
  • psycle 1.9 used sourcecode B = A.mod
  • xpsycle used sourcecode C = B.mod + sequencer + different toolkit
  • qpsycle uses sourcecode D = C.mod + Qt toolkit

The main differences are that qpsycle has a multi-track sequencer and runs in Linux.

So is qpsycle supposed to be the new Psycle? Edit

There's no real plan to do that... Psycle is a solid, stable app with a rich and glorious history. The present aim of qpsycle is just to get that in Linux. If it works out nice, it may well be ported to Windows, too. But even then it may be good for them to live side by side, as two different styles of host to the same Psycle core system.