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Compo Area[]

Here's a new compo area. Rules of each compos are explained on their own page.

Past Compos[] archive of all psycle compos (.psy and .ogg/mp3 files). archive of all psycle compos (just the .psy files)

pages: Compo1, Compo2, Compo3, Compo4, Compo5, Compo6, Compo7, Compo8, Compo9

-HALL OF FAME- of all the psycle compos[]

COMPO#1 winner(september 2002) : HEATSEEKER - minimal dream

COMPO#2 winners(december 2002) : HEATSEEKER - modular expression and YANNIS-Sines Of Melancholy

COMPO#3 winner(october 2003)  : TAIKA-KIM - Kääpiö-Saaren salaisuuks

COMPO#4 winner(january 2004)  : LASTFUTURE - reincarnate

COMPO#5 winner(july 2004)  : DRUTTIS - we2

COMPO#6 winner(april 2005)  : RHINO - out of bristol

COMPO#7 winner(november 2005)  : ANGELUS - crossing heaven's doors

COMPO#8 winner(july 2006)  : ROLEMUSIC- sonaita

COMPO#9 winner(october 2009)  : ROEL SMIT- Line 330