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Psycledelics Compo number 9

RESULTS FOR COMPO#9:(October 2009)[]


1 )ROEL SMIT-Line 330

2 )THE BRAINWASHED-rave_136-03a_compo

3 )MUTILUS-Toothache



Stream them all live from the net using this play list .
Alternatively, right click on the 'mp3' link and choose 'Save Link (Target) As...' to download an mp3 version of each track.
Or browse all files from here: .

author(s) title psy or mp3 psycledelics song thread link.
Roel Smit Line 330 psy mp3 psycledelics
Shadowbane Trial psy mp3 psycledelics
Mutilus Toothache psy mp3 psycledelics
The Brainwashed Rave psy mp3 psycledelics


  • All Psycle internal/native plugins are allowed.
  • Any samples allowed (but size of .psy limited to 3mb).
  • All VSTs in the Psycle VST pack are allowed (Psycle VST pack is available here: -- download file psycle-1.8.5-vst-bundle.exe)
  • The following VST synths are also allowed:

FreeAlpha3 ( ) Synth1 ( ) Crystal ( ) Atlantis ( )

  • Song can be any in any style whatsoever.
  • You submit a .psy and a rendered mp3/ogg.
  • 1 entry per person.


Tracking for this compo begins at 00:00am GMT October 7th 2009 and ends on 23:59pm GMT October 27th 2009.

Voting period goes from 30th October to 6th november.

Song submission[]

  • Submit songs to me whenever you want before the deadline, but don't make them publicly available! I will make all submissions publicly available when the time for tracking has expired. You can resubmit your song as many times as you like before tracking time finishes.


In order to vote, each participant in the compo must pick their favourite top 5 songs. Their first choice receives 5 points, 2nd choice receives 4 points, 3rd choice receives 3 points, etc.

  • All votes are added up to determine final rankings.
  • If you don't vote, you don't qualify for a final ranking.

Final Words[]

Forum discussion on the compo here:

Have fun and good luck!