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Chapter number 8 for this tracker music competition has something very special for our entries : PRIZES
For the first time a psycle compo has prizes!
4 prizes are planned: the first 3 positions will get a prize and plus a prize for the special random award. Read more below...

Special greets and thanks go to our sponsors for donating their own cool plugins:

Camel.jpg Fabfilter.jpg

RESULTS FOR COMPO#8:(july 2006)[]


1 )ROLEMUSIC-sonaita(133 points)

2 )DRUTTIS-wailing times(86 points)

3 )MfM-waiting for a dream(82,5 points)

4 )RHINO-combination(82 points)

5 )DW-e^(i pi) + 1(78 points)

6 )ALK-Eep!(66 points)

7 )Vos & ALK-psytreisende(56 points)

8 )QUANTINITY-last minute drum with a little bit of bass(50 points)

9 )VOSKOMO-snowy days(43.5 points)

10 )12AtÜ-MaikäferAhoi(38.5 points)

11 )SAMPLER-under pressure(37 points)

12 )KARLKOX-melancholics bells(25 points)

13 )POLITE C.-to the moon alice(22.5 points)

14 )SERGOS-down(21 points)

15 )LAKSER_U-revision(16 points)

16 )AMPUL-dot2(15.5 points)

17 )OUTSIDER-fer(15 points)

18 )SCUBA-rotate anti-clockwise(14.5 points)

19 )DRAGON UNHEARTHED-The Lightning Brought Darkness(9.5 points)

20 )OURSVINCE -bells bells(8.5 points)

21 )SPACETURNER-swimming as a mermaid(8 points)

22 )OURSVINCE-metaloid(6.5 points)

23 )OURSVINCEforest(5.5 points)



  • Format accepted will be .psy
  • Coops are welcome
  • No restriction for entries per person (you can submit as many songs as you wish)
  • All the entries must be submitted on or before the entry deadline
  • You can use:
    • Native plugins
    • Samples (any type of samples)
    • VST (but just the ones in the 'allowed list' specified below)
  • The psy file must not be bigger than 3 megabytes

List of allowed VSTs:[]


Linplug - freeALPHA

Andreas Ersson - Polyiblit

Andreaas Ersson - Ersdrum

Andreas Ersson - Lazysnake

Ichiro Toda - Synth1 with sound-banks Note: Direct Linking is not allowed by Download the files and

Smart Electronix (Mda) - Mdapiano

Smartelectronix (Antti) - Asynth

Smart Electronix (DMI) - Dmiflute

Muon - Tau

Rcg:audio - TriangleII

Green Oak - Crystal


Kjaerhus Audio-classic effects (pack with 9 plugins)

Camel Audio - Camelphatfree

Devinemachine - Minion

Smart Electronix (Magnus) - Ambience

Smart Electronix (Bram) - Supaphaser

Smart Electronix(Bram) - Cyanide2

Smart Electronix(mda) - Mda fxpack (pack with 31 plugins)

Simulanalog - Guitar Suite (pack with 7 plugins)

Tone2 - Bifilter


  • Submission period from the 27th of february to the 23th of April 2006
  • Vote period from the 24th of april to the 11th of june 2006

NOTE: all the dates could be changed (extended) if necessary. We will talk about it on the compo#8 thread, so check the compo#8 thread if you want to enter and ask us if you need more time.

To Vote:[]

  • Only those registered on the psycledelics forum can vote (anyone can register), there are two methods to vote:
  1. sending an email to (remember to specify your user name - mails from unknown people will not be accepted)
  2. sending a PM to MfM on psycledelics site
  • When voting everyone has (number of entries * 2) points to distribute freely between the songs they like the best. The total sum of the distributed points must equal to the number of entries * 2. In this competition that equates to 46 points.
  • For the random award you just have to write one number between 0 and 100 on the bottom of your mail/PM in the following way:
random award : NUMBER
  • Remember, it's not good sportsmanship to vote for yourself ;)

Adding Songs:[]

  • First of all you must submit your song to the psy section (not mp3/ogg) of psycledelics (a link to the mp3/ogg version of the track must be inserted on the song's description page)
  • Now you can add your song on the compo8 page on the wiki (in the added songs section) in the following way:

(with a direct link to song's description page on psycledelics on SONG NAME, and a link to the mp3/ogg on MP3)


  • HERE the list of prizes and the explanation of how to "Random Award" works :


Camel audio:

One of the following plugins:

CamelSpace, CamelPhat, Cameleon 5000, Cameleon Soundbanks, Biolabs Absynth Sounds.


1 x Fabfilter Twin synthesizer


1 x AudioRealism Bass Line

1 x AudioRealism Bass Line PRO


  • First position can choose from one of the plugins in the list above.
  • Second position can choose from the remaining 3.
  • Third position can choose from the remaining 2.
  • Random awards winner will get the remaining plugin.


The random award is a prize that you can win, no matter how good or bad your song is. Here is a small explanation of how we will elect the winner of this prize:

  • When receiving the songs for the competition, a number is given to the participant (1, 2, 3...) in the order they are received.
  • When a user votes, it gives points to his/her favourite songs, and separately, a line with "Random Award:" and a number between 0 and 100.
  • When we get all the votes and we have the three winners, we remove them from the list.

Example: Say we have participants A, B and C, and the order in which we receive the songs is A, C, B. (A = 1 , C = 2, B = 3) Then, if A wins one of the three prizes, it is removed from this list, and the list becomes: C, B (C = 1, B = 2).

  • Finally, we will make an addition of the values of all the Random Awards, do a modulus by the number of participants (participants for the random award), and add one to the value.

A modulus is getting the residue of an integer division. (9/5 = 1, residue 4. 9 modulus 5 = 4) since this value starts at zero, we add one.


•voter 1 : 35

•voter 2 : 74

•voter 3 : 31

•voter 4 : 1

3 participants remaining for the random award.

35+ 74 + 31 + 1 = 141

141 modulus 3 = 0

we add one to the result 0 + 1 = 1

winner :1

NOTE: if you have any doubts write it on compo#8 thread on psycledelics board.

Added Songs[]

Stream them all live from the net using this play list .
Alternatively, right click on the 'ogg' or 'mp3' link and choose 'Save Link (Target) As...' to download an mp3/ogg-vorbis version of each track.
Browse the psy files from here: .

author(s) title psy ogg (or mp3) psycledelics song link db
Spaceturner Swimming as a mermaid psy mp3 psycledelics
rolemusic sonaita psy ogg psycledelics
Dragon_Unearthed The Lightning Brought Darkness psy mp3 psycledelics
druttis Wailing Times psy mp3 psycledelics
12AtÜ MaikäferAhoi psy ogg psycledelics
Lakser_u Revision psy mp3 psycledelics
MfM waiting for a dream psy mp3 psycledelics
sampler Under Pressure psy ogg psycledelics
Sergos down psy ogg psycledelics
voskomo and alk Psytreisende psy mp3 psycledelics
outsider Fer psy mp3 psycledelics
Oursvince Bells Bells psy mp3 psycledelics
Oursvince Forest psy mp3 psycledelics
Oursvince Metaloid psy mp3 psycledelics
alk Eep! psy mp3 psycledelics
KarLKoX Melancholics Bells psy ogg psycledelics
Rhino Combination psy mp3 psycledelics
voskomo Snowy Days psy mp3 psycledelics
ampul dot2 psy mp3 psycledelics
Scuba Rotate Anti-Clockwise psy mp3 psycledelics
Polite Company To the Moon Alice psy mp3 psycledelics
Quantinuity (aka Trancemyriad) Last Minute Drum With a Little Bit of Bass psy mp3 psycledelics
dw e^(i pi) + 1 psy ogg psycledelics

Final Words, Greets & Thanks:[]

  • HERE there is a thread for compo#8 discussions!
  • HERE there is a thread for compo#8 reviews and comments!

I want to thank all the people in #psycle and all the people on the boards at psycledelics,for help and suggestions.

another big thanks to our sponsors for donating plugins.

and a special thanks goes to DJMirage for the good banner , Trancemyriad for help in page construction and JosepMa for random award idea.

oh!..and good psycling...

regards !