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RESULTS FOR COMPO#7 (november 2005)


1) Angelus-Crossing heaven's doors (165 points)

2) MfM-sunrise battle (120 points)

3) Taika-Kim-Zarjaz Beats! (114 points)

4) Alk-Insert Disk 2 (94 points)

5) Lastfuture-picknick (90 points)

6) Liquidboy-dynamo (70 points)

7) Rolemusic-I´m in a place i don´t belong (59 points)

8) Sampler-glide is funny (44 points)

9) JosepMa-looping in magicworld (39 points)

10) Daz-dints and taps (34 points)

11) Someoneelse-there and then (33 points)

12) HienTau-coldrain (23 points)

13) Magnus-lulu likes (20 points)

14) Scuba-South African Hybrid Chillout (13 points)

15) 6Sides-what on MARS (12 points)

Compo#7 Rules

• Compo#7 starts on 28th August

• Format accepted will be .psy

• Coops are welcome

• All the entries must be submitted on or before the entry deadline

Compo's Dates

• Submission period from Sunday September 4th to Sunday October the 23rd

• Vote period from Monday October the 24th to Monday November the 21st (duration: 4 weeks,but it will be extended if people need more time)

Tracking Rules

• You can use only native plugins and samples (any type of samples)

• The psy file must not be bigger than 2 megabytes

• There's no other rules ;)

To Vote

• Only those registered on the psycledelics forum can vote (anyone can register), there are two methods to vote:

1) sending an email to (remember to specify your user name - mails from unknown people will not be accepted)

2) sending a PM to MfM on psycledelics site

• Everyone's vote has (number of entries * 2) points to distribute freely between the songs they like the best. The total sum of the distributed points must equal to the number of entries * 2. In this competition that equates to 30 points.

• Vote will end on Monday November the 21th

• Remember, it's not good sportsmanship to vote for yourself ;)

Adding Songs

• First of all you must submit your song on psycledelics site only on psy section not mp3/ogg (a link to the mp3/ogg version of the track must be inserted on the song's description page)

• Then you can add your song here(on added song) in the following way:


(with a direct link to song's description page on psycledelics on SONG NAME, and a link to the mp3/ogg on MP3)

Added Songs

Stream them all live from the net using this play list .
Alternatively, right click on the 'mp3' or 'ogg' link and choose 'Save Link (Target) As...' to download an mp3/ogg-vorbis version of each track.
Browse the psy files from here: .

author(s) title psy mp3/ogg psycledelics song link db
lastfuture picknick psy mp3 psycledelics
Taika-Kim Zarjaz Beats! psy ogg psycledelics
liquid boy dynamo psy mp3 psycledelics
[[user::Rolemusic|Rolemusic]] I´m in a place i don´t belong psy ogg psycledelics
angelus Crossing heaven's doors psy mp3 psycledelics
HienTau Cold Rain psy mp3 psycledelics
MfM sunrise battle psy mp3 psycledelics
alk Insert Disk 2 psy mp3 psycledelics
6sides what on MARS psy mp3 psycledelics
Scuba South African Hybrid Chillout psy mp3 psycledelics
sampler Glide is funny psy ogg psycledelics
JosepMa Looping in MagicWorld psy ogg psycledelics
Magnus Jonsson Lulu likes psy mp3 psycledelics
someone else there and then psy mp3 psycledelics
dazzled dints and taps psy ogg psycledelics

Final Word

• Feel free to edit this page to improve its quality :)

HERE there is a thread for compo#7 discussions!

HERE there is a thread for compo#7 reviews and comments!

Good Psycling!!

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