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RESULTS FOR COMPO#6 (april 2005)[]


1) Rhino-out of bristol (47 points for 17 votes)

2) Tox-ant work (26 points for 10 votes)

3) MfM-travel through time (22 points for 12 votes) and Taika Kim-Naidenie Flowers (22 points for 11 votes)

5) Angelus-tempus fugit (18 points for 10 votes) and Sampler-Lenguaje Nativo (18 points for 8 votes)

7) Lastfuture-triton (15 points for 7 votes)

8) RoleMusic-Good boys dont take pills (10 points for 7 votes)

9) Nolwenn-Voyage Aux Enfers du Siècle (7 points for 5 votes)

10) SomeoneElse-Someone Elses Problem (5 points for 2 votes)

11) Trancemyriad-Eureka! (4 points for 3 votes) and LiquidBoy-Tread mill (4 points for 4 votes)

13) JimmyCasper-Pluster 1(Kikou remiX) (1 point for 1 vote) and Sartorius-Escape (1 point for 1 vote)

-entries with the same amount of votes are listed in alphabetical order (author's name)

Tracking Rules[]

You can use only native plugins and samples (any type of samples). The psy file must not be bigger than 3 megabytes. there's no other rules ;)


Vote started on 2005, Monday March the 14th and ended on 2005, Sunday April the 17th. Everyone had 10 (ten) points to distribute freely between the songs they like best. The total sum of the distributed points must not be more than 10.

Songs[] - playlist file to quickly stream all songs - directory browsing to access the .psy too

date author(s) title psy mp3/ogg psycledelics song link db diz
2005-01-23 ToX Ant Work psy ogg psycledelics
2005-01-29 Role Music Good boys dont take pills psy mp3 psycledelics
2005-02-04 lastfuture triton psy ogg psycledelics
2005-02-12 MfM travel through time psy mp3 psycledelics
2005-02-20 TranceMyriad Eureka! psy mp3 psycledelics
2005-02-26 nolwenn Voyage Aux Enfers du Siècle psy mp3 psycledelics txt
2005-03-05 sampler Lenguaje Nativo psy ogg psycledelics
2005-03-04 Sartorius Escape (from Compo#6) psy ogg psycledelics
2005-03-06 angelus Tempus Fugit psy mp3 psycledelics
2005-03-06 Taika-Kim Naidenie Flowers psy ogg psycledelics
2005-03-06 Jimmy Casper Pluster 1 (Kikou remiX) psy mp3 psycledelics
2005-03-08 someone else Someone Else's Problem psy mp3 psycledelics
2005-03-11 Rhino Out Of Bristol psy mp3 psycledelics
2005-03-11 liquid boy Tread mill psy ogg