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RESULTS FOR COMPO#1 (september 2002)[]


1) Heatseeker-minimal dream

2) Rhino-late for tea

3) Sephid-beyond the small and ToX-urban vegetable

5) LordGalvar-tromp with leaches

6) Goosedaemon-no image

-entries with the same amount of votes are listed in alphabetical order (author's name)

Tracking Rules[]

  • .psy songs only, one entry per person, only registered people can submit songs.
  • only psycle native machines (synths and effects) from the latest official release (no private or unofficial plugins - see latest pack for exact list).
  • samples allowed only for drums and voice if needed (but no drum loops allowed).
  • max size : 1,5 Mo
  • min lenght : 2 minutes - max lenght 7 minutes

submission process and timing :

  • from 1 to 15 of the month :

- each entry is sent to me with a link to the song without submitting it to psycledelics - i validate each entry, send back a validation message and then entries can be submitted to psycledelics songs section. - when the entry is available in the songs section, i list it in a special locked thread, in the compos board - this thread will list all the entries from newest to oldest

  • from 16 to 30 or 31 of the month :

- the entries list is closed - the thread has now a poll with an entry for each song - all visitors can vote

  • 1 of next month : winner is the entry with higher number of votes.

  • prize : only fame (but it's a good start)


september 2002

Songs[] - playlist file to quickly stream all songs - directory browsing to access the .psy too