(Return to Psycle_Manual < Machine_Editor)

  • Adding Machines:

(F9 or double click the Machine Editor background )

This opens the New Machine dialogue (Machines can also be added from the Gear_Rack).

Gear Browser 
Displays all the plugins that are available. Select one and click OK to add it to the Machine Editor.
Machine Properties 
Displays the machine's details, and allows you choose whether to display a warning if a dangerous plugin tries to load.
List Plugins by 
Displays the plugin machines in the Gear Browser by the Plugin Name or by the DLL filename.
Sort Plugins by 
Groups the machines into types (Generators, Effects) or class (Internal, Native, VST/i)

  • Editing Machines:

Double click the machine to bring up its Parameters window.

Removing Machines & Machine Properties: (Right-click the machine)

To remove a machine, right-click the machine and click the "Delete Machine" button (Machines can also be deleted from the Gear_Rack). Machines can be renamed by simply typing in a new name, and can be 'cloned' (copied with exactly the same settings), deleted, muted and bypassed (see Machine_Types) by clicking the appropriate controls.