Buzz Modular Music StudioEdit

Buzz is a 0-cost lost-source modular tracking environment. (It's free as in beer).

Buzz's development definitively stopped after a tragic loss of its closed sources by its only author, although some people manage to hardlink (see overloader) some further new code into the binary_executable_file.

Roots Of PsycleEdit

Buzz was the inspiration for the original Psycle. Psycle started as a Buzz clone, by Arguru. Now Psycle has advanced very far from being just a clone.

The biggest difference between Psycle and Buzz is that with Psycle you can send notes to any machine (many different machines) in a single pattern, and only one pattern can be played at once. In Buzz you may only use one generator in each pattern, but can play multiple patterns at once. In this way Psycle is more like a traditional_tracker than Buzz.