What Are Back-stabbing VSTs?

These are VSTs that usually work fine under Psycle but in fact decrease stability. Some of them are simply badly written, some aren't well handled by the VST_host. They are the main reason for Psycle's crashes.

How To Check If A VST Is Back-stabbing?

There is a simple but tiring way of checking whether a VST is back-stabbing. To do this, add a VST to an empty project. Then place some notes in the pattern. Then start pressing Play/Stop very quickly and do this for about 30 seconds. It doesn't matter if you press buttons in the toolbar or use the keyboard. Both ways are good. When nothing happened, the VST is most likely good. When it isn't, you will see Psycle crash.

 How does it work? there is a known connection between back-stabbing VSTs and the Play/Stop command. Most of the crashes occur when trying to Play or Stop the sequence.
 Note: There are a few VSTs which work well under certain hardware and software configurations but crash Psycle under most others. That's why you are never sure if a VST is flawless. But don't worry - most of them are :)
 What To Do If I Discover A Back-stabbing VST? Report it to Problematic_VSTs section.